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   The easiest way to make sure you’re not mistaken is with a white shirt and a tie of color with the design you want. This always looks good.

The idea is to choose a tie that is a strong color for everyday use and a lighter and more delicate color for formal events.

On the other hand, men with dark skin should wear ties that highlight their skin tone, e.g. light blue silver.

Lately, we have seen on international catwalks the combination of a black suit with a blue shirt for formal situations.

However, if the event you are attending is not formal, for example: at noon, but elegant, but sporty: a black suit with a colored shirt without a tie might be the ideal choice.

What would the shirt look like? In this case, you can use a shirt with lines or squares which would be very good, but the final touch will be given with a handkerchief well combined in the pocket.

On the other hand, total blackness is very fashionable.
It is a black shirt, tie, and scarf. There’s no way you can go wrong!

important: If you will wear a black suit at a formal event, remember that the sleeves of the shirt should always protrude about 1.5 cm from the jacket.
If it’s cold or raining on the black suit, you can wear an elegant raincoat.

Now let’s talk about shoes…

When choosing shoes that match the black suit, these should be black, pointed and well polished. Please avoid slippers as well as brown or white shoes.

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