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Considering Homeschool?

There has been much debate lately about whether parents should homeschool their children. Some say that homeschooling diminishes a student’s ability to socially adapt in life. The problem with this theory is that most students who are homeschooled are better at adapting into society than their counterparts in many cases, but why? One reason may be that students in a regular school environment are taught to “follow the leader” and to follow specific “social norms”.

On the other hand, students who have been homeschooled do not face the mental stressors of having to fit into a preverbal box. From pre-K to 12th grade students who attend regular schools are mentally stressed with the need to “fit in” with the other students. This is one reason some students perform poorly in school. Whether it is due to bullying or feelings of inadequacy; students who attend traditional schools face peer pressure at a high rate.

Another reason homeschooling is more beneficial to students is that they have a more one on one relationship with their instructor. When a parent is the teacher in most settings, the student is more relaxed and comfortable. In a standard classroom there is at least a 15-1 student to teacher ratio which does not allow the teacher to focus solely on one student who may be falling behind. While a homeschool teacher can be either a parent, family member or hired instructor there is much more time to reiterate a lesson for a student who may not fully understand a specific topic. In other words, Standard schools do not have the time to go over a topic in excess for one student and unless after school tutoring is available the student is left behind on that subject.

I said all of that to say this, students who have been homeschooled have an advantage of not feeling the need to fall in line with social structures learned when attending standard schools. Students who are not subject to having to fit a category of popular crowd vs unpopular crowd are more likely to not feel pressured in society. Homeschool students have the privilege of having one on one instruction as well as ample time to study and receive feedback from their teacher; whereas students in “regular school” have to compete with other students for the teachers attention, some fear asking questions, have limited time of instruction, etc. This could be one reason that nearly 67% of homeschool students graduate from college with a higher GPA than the nearly 58% of standard schooled students who graduate college.

I am not advocating for parents to homeschool their students as I do understand that it is not for everyone. Homeschooling a child or children can be time consuming and if you are not able to apply the time and effort you should not consider it.

My personal experience

My personal experience is that my children have benefitted greatly due to homeschooling. Yes, there are days that are difficult, and we all must study for hours to grasp a specific topic or concept; however, it has been worth the time and difficulties.

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